Improving The Performance Of Your Jewelry Website

Opening your very own jewelry website may be a dream come true, but unless you invest some time and effort in promoting it and understand how the online market works, you will not be able to generate any sales. Even the most magnificent looking website with the most amazing jewelry designs will not be of any use to you if it does not show up on internet search results.

In order to understand how to promote your website you will need to study some basic search engine optimization terms such as keywords and long term keywords. You will also need to look into what internet users are looking for in order to be able to develop jewelry that will actually generate you some sales.

Understanding Keywords

Every time an internet user searches for a product or for specific information in a Google like search engine he types a word or a word combination. The search engine then tries to provide him with the most relevant information for the search This basically means that website owners and search engine optimization specialists are interested in two things: what users are likely to type on the search box and what results is the search engine likely to provide for each search. The worlds that internet users type inside the search box are called keywords. Most product searches will be done by using a combination of several words and not by using a single word, which is too general. For example, people will rarely search for a “Bracelet” but they are more likely to search for a “silver name bracelet.”

Conducting Online Research

Google provides free tools, such as the Google keyword tool, that allow you to check how popular particular words and word combinations are. You will be able to see just how many searches are done for particular products, based on their descriptions. Conducting such research can help you when you develop a line of jewelry products for your new website. Matching your design ideas with particular keyword phrases that are popularly searched for can increase your sales opportunities. Additionally, when you use the keywords in your product titles and descriptions, you are basically telling the search engines that your webpage includes it. This means that you improve the chances of your product page appearing on the search results.

Of course, appearing on the search results will no be enough if your web page is not positioned in the first or second page. In order to improve your chances of appearing on the first or second page results, it is recommended to start by focusing on medium or low competition keywords. The Google keyword tool will show you how competitive a particular long tail keyword combination is by marking it as high, medium or low.

Researching relevant keywords and concentrating on medium and low competition ones combined with correct usage of product titles and descriptions can do much to promote your online jewelry store and help your product pages get noticed on search results.

Doron Heifetz specialized in online jewelry design and marketing and is the owner of promise rings, monogram necklaces and name necklaces websites. 

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