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Q: Dear Art Lady, sales are sluggish at events, I’m sure due to the economy. I hate to do it because I will really lose money, but should I lower my prices?

A: First make sure that your selling space is inviting, not overfilled and jumbled looking. Be sure that everything is priced and that your signs are made on computer vs hand written, which tends to have that ‘lemonade stand’ look to it. Are your prices in line? You may need to do some adjusting. But first, depending on your product, offer special prices for multiple item sales, or a gift certificate or another item for a purchase of a certain dollar amount. Most of all, be friendly and engaging to the customers. Don’t judge them as lookers only. Lastly, it’s easy to get tired or complacent toward the end of a long day, but resist. It may just make the difference between a good day of sales vs great. Good luck.

Q: I’ll be interviewing for my first job as a graphic artist. Should I go corporate or dress kookie like I always do?

A: Somewhere in the middle would be perfect. Too corporate says that you may be up tight and not a good fit for the culture of the business, and too kooky says that you may not be serious about your job. Somewhere in the middle is just like the baby bears’ porridge, just right!

Q: Dear Art Lady, my teenager draws and paints all over her clothes and it makes me crazy. Any suggestions?

A: First, she is just trying to express herself, which isn’t a bad thing. At least it’s not all of the walls in your house! Two things come to mind; first, take her to some resale shops. Get some clothes that are very reasonably priced and have that already broken in feel. Then, let her paint away. That way she is happy and you won’t feel like you wasted money on ‘good’ clothes that are now ‘ruined’. The other thing is to get her some sketchbooks to draw and paint in. If the two of you agree, then you can actually frame some of the pieces.

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