Choosing Clasp For Your Beadwork

How you end your beadwork is just as important as the piece itself. There have been many times that a customer told me that they were buying one of my creations, because they loved how decorative the clasp was, or that the clasp symbolized something for them! Most clasp come in precious metals such as gold, sterling silver and copper. For the budget conscious beader you can also get them gold and silver plated, as well as nickel plated. They range from very large to very small in size.

Below I have a list of 10 clasp you can choose from to complete your works of art!
Toggle Clasp: A toggle clasp consist of 2 parts. The first part usually has a large hole and the second part is a bar which fits through that first part. These come in a variety of shapes and sizes and also a variety of decorations. I have bought heart shaped ones where the hole part is shaped as a heart and the bar is an arrow to fit through that heart. They are very sturdy and the more decorative the clasp, it can be worn in the front of the necklace and shown off as part of the design!

Screw Barrel Clasp: This clasp consist of two parts which gently screw shut keeping your piece secure. I usually use these when I have a piece that is lightweight and I want to keep it that way. I use a lot of these on my paper bead jewelry creations. They come in many sizes.

Ball and Socket Clasp: This clasp I use often because I found that when I put it on my netted pieces they seem to anchor them in place, and the necklace doesn’t seem to move around on the neck so much. They look like a snap. The ball part of the clasp snaps securely into the socket part of the clasp.

Magnetic Clasp: This clasp basically is what it states. 2 pieces that magnetically close together keeping your jewelry safe and secure. I usually use these on bracelets. It is a great way to close a bracelet, because the person doesn’t have to get help putting it on. The magnets are drawn to each other and the piece is closed! These are great and I have found that the magnets really are pretty powerful, with that being said the only disclaimer with these is that a person with a pace maker cannot be around them. If that is not a concern then I would consider it a perfect closure.

S Hook Clasp: An S hook is a clasp that is shaped like an S. It attaches to your bead work with jump rings and then it hold the necklace in place. I would only suggest this for necklaces, especially ones that are heavy in weight, because the weight will keep it secure. Some S Hooks are soft enough to pinch slightly closed but usually they just hold your necklace in place with the jump rings.

Lobster Claw: These come in many different sizes and consist of 2 pieces. One side is a ring or a tab with a hole in it the other side is a claw shaped tap which opens when you pull the lever back, resembling a lobster claw. Once the lever is closed over the tab or ring it is securely closed. This can be used for bracelets and necklaces, and come in many different colors and sizes.

Tab Clasp: Some people also call this a box clasp. They consist of a tab part and a ‘box’ part that the tab slides into and locks firmly in place. I have bought these in round and oblong shapes as well.

Slide Lock Clasp: This two piece clasp gently slides into each other for closure and are usually designed for multi-strand pieces of jewelry. They come in a variety of sizes and colors.

Hook and eye clasp: A hook similar to the S hook clasp but has the, second part, the eye, to catch the hook and hold it in place. Used for necklaces and lariats.

Spring clasp: A round clasp similar to the lobster claw. It usually comes with tabs or can be hooked into a jump ring for closure.

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