Wish Upon a Name

When you were little, did you wish upon a star? Did you wait every night to see the first one pop out in the dark inky sky? Did you find the one that burned the brightest?

Every star is unique, and this is the philosophy behind handmade shop Wish Upon A Name, owned by Katie King Searls.

As a mom of two children from very unique backgrounds {adoption and natural birth}, Katie believes that each child is unique and has a story to be shared. Through her beautiful branding process, you can celebrate your children with personalized name logos that focus on their individuality.

A few things that you can create with Katie are name cubes, wall art, personalized announcements and custom bed pillows. All of the option that Katie offers are amazing, and have the added touch of personalization that you simply cannot get anywhere else.

By shopping with Wish Upon A Name, you can feel good in your heart about your purchase. Katie donates a portion of her sales to adoption and orphan care. Pretty amazing!

Visit Wish Upon A Name on Facebook and contact Katie today to celebrate your child’s individuality!
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