Handmade Christmas Door Bunting.


8in x 36 in wide felt – red

Felt scraps for letters – white

Cotton gingham for hearts


5yds x 1/4in wide ribbon/tape

Matching sewing thread



Hand sewing needle



Hobby fill

Step 1

Draw a triangle template 5in across the top and 5in high. Use template to cut out 14 triangles.

Step 2

Using computer create lettering in desired shape and size then print out in reverse ( this will help you trace it onto the back of Vliesofix)

Step 2

Place Vliesofix with the paper side up, on top of the printed lettering and using a pencil trace the shape of the letters ( letters should be reversed). Using an iron fuse Vliesofix onto the back of the felt for lettering.

Step 4

When cool, remove backing paper and place right side up on top of each felt triangle is desired position. Fuse cut out letters onto felt triangles.

Step 5.

Using template provided, cut out 8 heart shapesfrom gingham fabric. Pin two hearts shapes together with right sides facing,and using 1/4in seam allowance sew together leaving a 2in gap along one of the sides. Trim, clip corners, turn right side out and press. Stuff heart to desired fullness and hand sew opening closed. Repeat to make another three hearts.

Step 6

To make a loop on one end of the tape/ribbon, fold raw end under 1/4in then fold over another 3ins to make loop. Pin and stitch in place.

Step 7

Measure 8ins along the tape from sewn edge of the loop ( can be more if longer bunting is desired) and pin first flap under tape/ribbon. Pin the remaining flags behind tape/ribbon leaving a 1/2 -1in gap between flags. Sew flags in place by stitching along the center of the tape/ribbon through flags.

Step 8

Measure 8ins from the end of the last flag (or length to match the other end) and make a loop the same as at the other end so the bunting hangs evenly.

Hand sew one heart on each end of the bunting onto the top of the ribbon. Repeat for steps 6-8 to create the bunting for other word.



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