Creative Gifting – The New Way To Give Gifts

When it comes to giving gifts, the standard wrap and give gesture is outdated. Instead, more and more people are using creativity as part of their gift-giving routine. Maybe it’s all about the presentation, or maybe it’s all about what is actually given in the gift. If you want to start using creative gifting, the following are five great ideas.

1. Baskets

Instead of wrapping everything up and putting it in a gift bag, opt to place everything into a nice basket instead. You can pick up a cheap basket at your local dollar store or even Hobby Lobby, and you can make a great gift with it. Simply place all of your gifts nicely inside the basket. If you want to keep things in a certain place in the basket, you can always use double-sided tape or glue dots. Your recipient will like being able to see everything all at once without having to tear through wrapping paper, and they’ll also be able to use the basket, making it that much more useful.

2. Themes

Giving themed gifts are also a great idea. For example, you can give someone a beach-themed gift complete with a swimming suit, flip flops, sunscreen and pool/beach toys. You can give someone a relaxing-themed gift complete with a robe, bottle of wine, and gift certificate to a local spa. By adding a theme to your gift, you’re making it that much more memorable to your recipient because it shows that you took the extra time and effort to create their gift.

3. Gift Wrap

Use something that you bought for the gift as a way to wrap the present. For example, if you bought someone kitchen items, you can always wrap the items up in a kitchen towel. If your bought someone a baby shower gift, place their presents inside the stroller/wagon or other larger item you purchased. This adds a great classy touch to your gift, and it also eliminates the need for gift bags and wrapping paper.

4. Cakes

You’ve probably heard of someone making a diaper cake for a baby shower, which typically involves rolling the diapers so that they look like the shape of a cake. Did you know that you could do this with just about anything? Are you giving your friend a case of beer? Put the cans into the shape of a cake. Are you giving a bunch of smaller items, such as playing games, crayons and box games? You can also turn this into a cake. This is a simple trick that your recipient will surely love.

5. Money

Giving money as a gift is usually pretty boring. You stuff cash or a check inside a card and call it a day. But you can get more creative with giving money. Use an old chocolate candy box and fold up the money and place it inside individual chocolate wrappings. Tape a bunch of singles together and stuff it into a tissue box. Hang money on the inside of an umbrella and have the recipient open it up. These are all great ways to be a little more creative with your monetary gifts, and it’s certainly more fun than an old fashioned card.

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Jessica Brown is a fashion guru and frugal crafter.  She enjoys sharing creative craft and gift ideas via blogging.

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