Inspiration from a Peacock

Lately I have been loving peacocks!  They are such amazingly beautiful creatures!  I’m not sure if peacock related items are a trend, but they seem to be gaining popularity and it’s easy to see why.  The deep blues, teals and greens go together quite well with this year’s emerald green, which is color of the year for 2013.  I wasn’t too excited about emerald green at first, but when I see that color paired with the teal and dark blues that make up a peacock feather, I just love this color combination.  In fact, I wish I had thought of peacocks while planning my own wedding, because there are so many gorgeous peacock themed wedding items!  Just take a look at these beautiful peacock feather finds…

Inspired by a Peacock

Maybe now you can see why I have such an obsession for peacocks!  In case you’re loving these gorgeous items too, here are the links to the shops that sell them:

Hanging Peacock balls from

Peacock Wedding Glasses from

Peacock Guest Book from

Peacock Wedding Pillow from

Peacock Party Favor Tins from

Chocolate Peacock Lollipops (yum!) from

Wine Stopper – Peacock Feather from

I’ve thought about incorporating peacock feathers into some of my jewelry/earrings for a while now, but I wasn’t sure how to go about designing something with a feather.  So I decided to do some research of my own about these lovely birds.  Actually, we were just on vacation in Florida and happen to come across a little neighborhood where the peacocks live and run wild!  The peacocks roam the streets and hang out in the neighbor’s yards and rooftops.  So on our drive through this neighborhood, you shouldn’t be surprised that I got a little camera happy ended up taking dozens of pictures!  Below are a few of my favorite…

Inspiration from a Peacock

*Fun Fact ~ the male peacocks are the ones with the beautiful feathers and coloring!

Inspiration from a PeacockInspiration from a Peacock

The last picture is a female peacock with her baby peacock chicks!

During the drive I looked for any feathers that had fallen to the ground, but we never saw any.  However we found out later that the peacocks generally shed their feathers later in the summer months.

So without any peacock feathers, I decided to go through all my supplies in search for those beautiful colors that symbolize the peacock.  Here are the greens, blues and teals that I had to work with:

Inspiration from a Peacock

Finally, I thought of a good way to get the essence of the peacock across in a pair of earrings, even without the actual feathers.  I still have some other ideas of what I can do with these pretty peacock colors, so these birds are not finished inspiring my work yet!

Inspiration from a Peacock




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