St. Paddy’s Day Bag of Gold Tutorial

St. Paddys’ Day Bag of Gold


I want to share with you how to created this sweet little St. Paddy’s Day Bag full of Gold.


For this Craft you will need:



  • Some Material for the bag (roughly 34 x 25cm), a strip for the tie as well as a small piece for the Needle-felting (I have used Velvet for mine)
  • Some roving for the clover
  • Clover cookie-cutter (or shape that you have cut out yourself)
  • Felting Needles
  • Felting sponge
  • Sewing machine

Place the piece of velvet that is to be used for the motif on the felting sponge, and using bits of roving needle-felt the pattern onto the material.





I then added some darker green for “Veins”


When done, pin the piece of velvet on to the piece that you have kept for the bag. (Remember you will be folding the bag piece in half and sewing together so place it on one half of the bag piece).



Sew onto the bag and decorate with a fancy stitch or embroidery if you would like.



Fold the bag piece, right sides together and sew, the side and bottom seam.


Hem the top of the bag.

Fill with goodies – Gold Chocolates fill mine :)


And there you have a sweet St.Paddy’s day Gift bag.


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