Tuesday Tutorial: Easter Nests Made Out of Yarn

How are your Easter crafts going?  Today I want to show you how to create your own Easter nests made out of yarn.

marigolds' loft easter nests 

For this craft you will need:

easter nest crafts marigolds' loft

  • Some yarn
  • A balloon
  • Chocolate eggs to fill the basket
  • Fake grass for the finished baskets.
  • Design Freezer (A glue that “Freezes” things how you want them to be)

First blow up the balloon to the required size:

balloon easter crafts marigolds' loft

Take the yarn and wrap it haphazardly around the balloon:

Fasten at the balloon closure.

marigolds' loft easter

Using the Design Freezer, drench the yarn.

yarn egg marigolds' loft

easter crafts marigolds' loft

easter crafts marigolds' loft

Using a piece of extra yarn, make a tie at the edge of the

balloon and hang over the bath until dry.

yarn egg marigolds' loft

Once dry, the balloon will be very brittle.

Using Scissors, pop the balloon and remove from inside the yarn.

yarn egg marigold's loft

Now cut along the middle of the yarn balloon to create two halves:

easter crafts marigolds' loft

easter crafts marigolds' loft

Fill the halves with grass and eggs galore!

easter nest Marigolds' Loft

And there you have a wonderful, original Easter nest.

For more Easter Crafts and Tutorials please visit my Blog.

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I wish you all a very happy Easter.

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